Luis Cacho

Luis Cacho

Senior Container Infrastructure Consultant

Red Hat

Contributor at Kubernetes

Hashicorp Meetup Organizer

GitKraken Ambassador

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I’m a proud father of Emma, dedicated husband of Ale, avid soccer fanatic, beer lover, and fond of all things GNU/Linux related.

Currently working as a Senior Container Infrastructure Consultant at Red Hat helping customer with their Cloud Native projects, focused on OpenShift migrations. Prior to Red Hat I worked on Rackspace and Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

As today I consider myself a Technologist. I have become knowledgeable in many areas of systems, cloud computing, and various other fields like:

  • Linux Servers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Operating Systems
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Networking
  • Cloud Native technologies

Actively contributing to Open-Source projects as well as learn new stuff every day and I would try to share in this blog.

I enjoy attend meetups and events to learn about new technologies, talk with interesting people and exchange stickers.

I’m active on LinkedIn and Github, and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Automation
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Cloud Native
  • Data Science
  • Open-Source
  • Site Reliabilty Engineering