Luis Cacho

Luis Cacho

Security Systems Administrator III


Contributor at Kubernetes

Hashicorp Meetup Organizer

Hey, I’m Luis!


I am a Security Systems Administrator with Cloud/DevOps/Security skills working at Rackspace, where I am focusing on learn and apply a Cloud Native techniques, in Multicloud Environments, using agile methodologies. I am actively contributing to Open Source projects and define myself as a Linux enthusiast who loves to work and experiment with Open Source technologies while I am learning,and trying to apply best practices. I learn new stuff every day and I like to share; sometimes I write about it on this blog.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Cloud Native
  • Open Source
  • Site Reliabilty Engineering




Self Learner

Problem Solving




Blog posts

Using the Ansible Stat Module on a Loop

How to use the stat module on a Loop

Docker Login the Right Way

How to configure a docker-credential-helpers to keep docker credentials safe on Linux

Bulk Delete Rackspace Cloud Files data via API

How to delete the Data and Cloud Files Containers using Rackspace Cloud Files API, cURL and Turbolift

Configure SSH on a Ruckus Switch

Steps to configure ssh and webaccess on a Ruckus Switch


Open Source projects, websites, docker images, ansible roles, and other things I’ve been playing with.


DOxMX Community

DOxMX is a group of technology enthusiast, mainly from/in Mexico that likes technology and share experiences through presentations or blog posts.


Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

This website code, built using Hugo Framework.

San Antonio HashiCorp User Group

HUG dedicated to building a strong, open, diverse developer community around the Hashicorp technologies in San Antonio.

Ansible Role for CircleCI-CLI

Ansible role that installs CircleCI-CLI

Kubernetes Website Translation

Contributor on the Spanish translation content at

Molecule Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter for a molucle project

Ansible Role for Sonobuoy

Ansible role that installs Sonobuoy


Improve Ansible Roles with Molecule

Improving your ansible playbooks/roles deployment using molecule for test driven.