I'm a Racker

Rememberance of my first days as a Racker

Since January 6th I working on Rackspace, the Open Cloud Company, so I’m a Racker almost 3 months ago and I’m loving every minute of it.

Rackspace 2014


Everything stared on November 2013 when a Technical Recruiter contact me and started a proceess with some long tough interviews, ability tests, paperwork, etc; I have accepted a position as a Linux System Administrator I in the LATAM Team for Rackspace, so, I got to work for one of the most dynamic, fanatic, and fun tech companies in the world!

So, I was very excited, nervous, happy, all together.

The Castle

Since I came to The Castle, everything was wonderful, I have met nice, friendly, smart and fanatical people, like @SugarBear, a Rackspace Ambassador of Culture, or Graham Weston, Rackspace’s Chairman and Co-Funder, I met them at the Rookie Orientation (a.k.a Rookie’O), where I spend time with other Rookies learning about Rackspace history, culture and future plans.

On the Rookie’O, I was surprised and admired with all the energy that is transmitted between the new Rackers, it was awesome!

And I was inspired by the Rackspace Core Values:

  • Fanatical Support® in all we do.
  • Results first, substance over flash.
  • Committed to Greatness
  • Full Disclosure and Transparency
  • Passion for our Work
  • Treat fellow Rackers like Friends and Family

Which from my point of view I can applied to my personal life, and having great results.

Also is very comfortable to have a Coffe Shop, a soda machine or microwaves inside the Castle. It is pretty nice!

In general the first week in Rackspace, on the Rookie’O, I was a great experience, I can say that is one of my best experiences in my life.

Rackspace RookieO

Rackspace Fanatical Jacket

Rackspace GroundTown

My Goals

This is a new big challenge, because means:

  • Relocation in other country, specifically in San Antonio, TX, USA.
  • Leave my family in Mexico City, that means that I see my parents only for Skype or FaceTime :).
  • Know other culture, the “American” culture, with the Breakfast Tacos or Tex-Mex food (I really hate the Tex-Mex food yiack!) or the Lunch at noon, the people do not always says “Good morning” and some details that I don’t understand but here is common.
  • Improve my skills in other language (English) event though I’m in the Rackspace LATAM team all the communications like emails or meetings are in English, so, it is very important for my job.
  • And the most important challenge for me is still learn about Linux, get my Red Hat Certifications, do my best at job and take advantage of this great opportunity. All of that to try to be a DevOps Engineer

Rackspace MyDesk

I will be working on, providing Fanatical Support for our customers, resolving LATAM customer issues with Linux and working with remote teams from all around the world.

Summarizing, I’m a happy Racker 🙂

Luis Cacho
Luis Cacho
Security Systems Administrator III

Security Systems Administrator at Rackspace | Kubernetes Enthusiast | Ansible Ninja