Wait for pod to be ready

Command to wait until your pod is ready

Differences between Kubernetes and Openshift

An introduction to know the differences between a kubernetes vanilla implementation an Openshift Container Platform

Podman remote client on MacOS using Vagrant

How to install podman remote client on MacOS using vagrant VMs

My journey to become CKA and CKAD

I've reviewed some events that were important on my journey to became became a CKA and CKAD engineer

Backing Up a Ruckus Switch Config

I show how to create a backup before upgrade the Switch Firmware

Using the Ansible Stat Module on a Loop

How to use the stat module on a Loop

Docker Login the Right Way

How to configure a docker-credential-helpers to keep docker credentials safe on Linux

Bulk Delete Rackspace Cloud Files data via API

How to delete the Data and Cloud Files Containers using Rackspace Cloud Files API, cURL and Turbolift

Configure SSH on a Ruckus Switch

Steps to configure ssh and webaccess on a Ruckus Switch

Set a hugo blog on Kubernetes

Here are some steps to containerize a blog using hugo + docker + kubernetes + quay