Backing Up a Ruckus Switch Config

Commands to create a backup for my Ruckus ICX 7150 Switch

I want to do some changes on my home network to improve the performance, so I will implement VLANs on my network. But before I do that I want to document how to perform a backup of my Ruckus ICX 7150 Switch.

In a past post I mentioned how to enable ssh and web cofiguration on the Ruckus switch, so my first attemtp was to download the configuration file from the web interface but unfortunately it is not possible to do it, there is not an option for that. What I did is go to the documentation and found the copy command but I need a TFTP server to be able to download the backup file.

Let’s start!

  1. Install a TFTP server - This is easy will depend on your Operative System, for my is an ArchLinux laptop.

    yay -Sy atftp

    The configuration file for atftp is /etc/conf.d/atftpd

  2. Next step, is login on your Ruckus switch and perform the copy command:

    ssh <USER>@<SWITCH-IP>
    copy running-config tftp <TFTP-SERVER-IP> myconfig.cfg
    #In my case is:
    ssh [email protected]
    copy running-config tftp myconfig.cfg
  3. Verify that the file is on your TFTP server, by default, the configured directory for atftp is /srv/atftp/ so you should go that location and verify that the generated file is created.

    cd /srv/atftp
    ls -la

That’s all, you can restore your switch configuration if needed.


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