Configure SSH on a Ruckus Switch

Steps to configure ssh and webaccess on a Ruckus Switch

I just have a Ruckus ICX 7150 Switch on my home and I’m trying to get access under ssh and web, to easy configuration and security instead of use telnet. So, I logged in using telnet and then run the following commands to configure a username/password and begin to receive petitions over port 22(ssh) and port 443(https). Let’s begin!

  1. We will connect via telnet to the switch.

    telnet SWITCH_IP
  2. Once we are on the Switch CLI as a optional step, we can configure an IP on the switch.

    device> enable
    device# configure terminal
    device(config)# ip address IP_ADDRESS/CIDR
    device(config)# ip default-gateway IP_GATEWAY
  3. Now, the next steps are for generate a SSL certificate, a username/password, activate password to login and enable thw web access and ssh access.

    device(config)# crypto-ssl certificate generate
    device(config)# username USERNAME password PASSWORD
    device(config)# aaa authentication login default local
    device(config)# aaa authentication web-server default local
  4. It may take several minutes to generate the certificate key. After that, save the configuration.

    device(config)# write memory

Now you are able to login on your switch using ssh or web.


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