My First Contribution to OpenStack project

I’m proud to perform my first contribution to a OpenStack project

I been working since last year using Ansible for fun and to trying to get prepared to become a DevOps, so I found an excelent OpenStack project called ARA Records Ansible.

Basically it is a project from the OpenStack community that makes it easier to understand and troubleshoot your Ansible roles and playbooks. If you want more information, please refer to the Documentation Page.

Anyhow, I just found a little bug on the Ansible Role to install ARA ansible-role-ara on Debian based distros and just send the patch to fix it.

Here is the link to my contribution.

And, as I am proud of my first commit on a big project here is the screenshot too:

My First OpenStack Contribution
My First OpenStack Contribution

I feel happy and motivated to still learn about this Open-Source project and a lot more.


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Luis Cacho
Luis Cacho
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