Open Source

Differences between Kubernetes and Openshift

An introduction to know the differences between a kubernetes vanilla implementation an Openshift Container Platform

Differences between Kubernetes and Openshift

Personal Website

Built my personal website (this website) using [Hugo Framework](, [Wowchemy theme]( and deploy it via [Netlify]( This website includes a blog section, a portfolio section, an acomplisment section and a digital garden section.

Kubernetes Contributor

Contributing to the Kubernetes project in different special interest groups, mainly focused on migration and modernization, documentation translation, community engagement, and user/contributor experience.

Ansible Galaxy Roles

Collection of Ansible Roles published in Ansible Galaxy

Molecule Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter for a molucle project

Docker Login the Right Way

How to configure a docker-credential-helpers to keep docker credentials safe on Linux

Bulk Delete Rackspace Cloud Files data via API

How to delete the Data and Cloud Files Containers using Rackspace Cloud Files API, cURL and Turbolift

My First Contribution to OpenStack project

I'm proud to perform my first contribution to a OpenStack project

Deployment de un sitio estatico con Hugo y Git Hooks

Como realizar un deployment de un sitio con Hugo automaticamente usando Git Hooks