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Hello again,

I’m happy to announce that I’m participating in the GitKraken Ambassador program.

For me, it is a joy that the GitKraken team trusts me for this work.

GitKraken Ambassador

I have been a GitKraken advocate even before they launched this program. I always recommend it to all my friends and colleges because I have loved it since the first time I used it, back in 2018.

Now, I’m being named Ambassador to actively promote it in community events, meetings with other Ambassadors, beta-testing of new functionality, etc. Also, I will create some post showing/explaining how I use GitKraken in my job, that is A LOT.

For joining the GitKraken Ambassador team, I received:

  • Free GitKraken Pro Account ($79 value)
  • Ambassador Starter Kit: Stickers, Swag & Resources
  • Access to a private Ambassador Slack Channel
  • Exclusive Ambassador Content & early access to beta features
  • Access to GitKraken Product Team to share feedback and get exclusive insight
GitKraken Ambassador Starter Kit
GitKraken Ambassador Starter Kit

What is GitKraken?

Let’s start defining what is GitKraken for me and how I use it.

GitKraken provides me the easiest, safest, and most powerful way to interact/work with:

becoming the best complement to manage your source code.

As an Infrastructure consultant, I contribute to Ansible playbooks/roles, Terraform provisioning, Kubernetes/OpenShift manifests, Documentation, and more, but my profile is not necessary as a Developer. I consider myself more a DevOps Practitioner where, from my perspective, I write code for Infrastructure in a declarative way; that being said, my workflow is slightly different from a Developer.

That means I usually do all my code in VSCode. Sometimes I commit using the terminal and sometimes using the Kraken. Once I’m ready to push my changes, I switch to GitKraken to review that I’m in the correct branch/tree/tag, if there are no conflicts, etc. and, then I do push/merge it in a collaborative way and keeping the order that the project requires and that I want to show. That personal workflow always helped me to avoid mistakes in my job.

What I like

  • GitKraken has a pretty neat interface where it is easy to find all I need for that git workflow.

    GitKraken Interface
    GitKraken Interface
  • Multiple git profiles support

    GitKraken Profiles 1/2
    GitKraken Profiles 1/2
    GitKraken Profiles 2/2
    GitKraken Profiles 2/2
  • Easy drag and drop Pull-Request/Merge-Request integration

    GitKraken Drag & Drop Pull Request
    GitKraken Drag & Drop Pull Request

What I don’t like

  • Sometimes, when my computer has high resources usage, like when I’m running some containers/virtual machines, GitKraken produces a slow down for a bit like some other GUI’s.

Wrapping Up

So, starting today, I’m going to generate content related to Git/Gitkraken, and to achieve this, I will write about how I integrate GitKraken into my daily work.

If you want to start using GitKraken, you can download the Kraken and try it by yourself! Furthermore, I recommend to use my referral code when you sign in.

Happy coding!

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Luis Cacho
Luis Cacho
Senior Container Infrastructure Consultant

Senior Container Infrastructure Consultant at Red Hat | DevOps Practitioner | Kubernetes Enthusiast | Ansible Ninja | Data Science Noob